Reach & Teach Program

One of the most important (and near to our hearts) aspects of Nu-Glaze Holdings is the Reach & Teach Program where everyone that is willing, are taught how to use the Nu-Glaze glazing method and products to earn an income. Thanks to millions of homes, public and government buildings that were build with steel windows, there are years and years of work for trained installers. Plus, it doesn’t stop at renovating the windows only,these installers/handymen and -woman gets to re-paint or do general maintenance jobs as spin off.

Most of the RDP or People Housing Projects require that the contractors must train and use a certain percentage of the local community in the projects, this way skills are developed throughout RSA. Unfortunately, it became just a convenient buzzword or done as window dressing. With Nu-Glaze however, these trained installers that are “left behind” have an immediate way to a sustainable income. We have trained, equipped and supported quite a large number of unemployed persons of all ages, both genders and from all ethnic backgrounds, as well as disabled persons. Most have developed into entrepreneurs of note.

Nu-Glaze Holdings takes this very serious indeed and are in the process of getting the training program registered at the CETA Seta as a unit standard under the qualification: Painting. In this program, we also touch upon basic book keeping and business management skills that will enable the trainees to own and operate their own business. The dream is to issue the trained installers with a certificate of competence that also carries the NQF level 2 credits. This could initiate or contribute to the learning pathways of participants with a zest and drive to better themselves.

It is just amazing and extremely satisfying to hear or see a previously unemployed person be able to afford a bit of better living – whether it for the schooling of his/her children or toward a sick and elderly parent’s medical cost.

Our vision contains this very scenario and nothing would pleasure us more if this would become a national/continental or global solution for many that have lost hope.

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