Nu-Glaze – The Alternative to Putty

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Click on the picture to see how Riaan the Handyman installs Nu-Glaze

Are you also frustrated by the current glazing products such as putty or wooden beadings? Tired of replacing failing putty/wood beads at great costs, mess and inconvenience? Worried about safety and security risks?

Nu-Glaze, our internationally patented innovation offers the solution for most, if not all your frustrations – whether for new or retro glazing (replacing old, cracked putty and/or wood beadings).
One of the problems faced by the traditional products (putty/clay-like pastes) is the continual drying out factor which it will never overcome, no matter what they put into it. This causes perpetual maintenance headaches. Another issue is the waiting period of 7 – 14 days to allow painting (and someone will “tests” to see if it’s still soft!). Even when properly painted, it starts to fail from the onset. It’s messy and uneven sight lines, uneven surfaces, poorly finished corners are some of the aesthetic issues, adding the relative easy removal for burglars, makes the use of clay putty very unpleasant. Cases has been reported where glass eventually fell out due to failed putty, maiming and even killed children and unfortunate passers-by.

Apart from countering these problems, Nu-Glaze also saves weight and assist with water flow-off, wind noise and temperature management – important factors for steel or wood window manufacturers, architects, designers and engineers. A small, but important component in fenestration design today.

Nu-Glaze profiles are made of tough yet safe organic uPVC with extremely high anti UV properties and if treated correctly, should last for ever and a day, keeping water, air, dust, smoke, pollution, smells & burglars out. See the Specifications page for detail.
nu-glaxe,product,window beading,glazingNu-Glaze glazing profiles comes in either 2,0m (6ft 7″) or 2,4m (7ft 10″) lengths and in black or white.

Profile S : For large 18-23mm (3/4″-1″ ) deep rebates.

S4 takes 3-4mm (1/8″ – 5/32″) glass.

S7 takes 5-6.38mm (13/64″ – 1/4″) safety glass.   S7 and S7a for different frontal section dimensions.

Profile W : For smaller 12-16mm (1/2″-5/8″ deep) rebates, currently only available in W4 for 3-4mm glass.

Painting/changing of colour is done by priming the PVC, then over paint with any suitable exterior paint, like PVA Acrylic or with direct to Plastic spray-on products. Water or solvent based enamel paint also produces brilliant results.

Both the S and W profiles’ frontal section can be snapped off to yield a triangular shaped beading – ideal to finish bathrooms/kitchens or replace the outer putty on windows only. This feature is most popular to renovate large multi story buildings, keeping the glass in place, but homeowners uses it as well to save time and effort. See the video on the How it works page.

To order: Measure the rebate height & depth to determine whether it’s S or W profile you will need. Then measure the circumferences – 2 x (height + width) of each opening, add all the windows circumferences to get a total linear length, add 13% for cutting waste and e-mail this with your delivery address to us. We will then provide you with an accurate quote. We export to selected countries as well.

Security: The XY spread of the silicone makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to remove without breaking the glass or having access to the inside. It has been tested in a notorious South African prison and is still intact to this day. If the glass does break, one can remove the shards, remove the profile, clean and re-fit the profile if still in good shape. More than what one can say about the traditional material!

On this site you will be able to watch the demo video, print out the step by step photo series or the written instructions, but it is so easy to learn, anyone should be able to do it. If you don’t want to DIY, kindly approach your nearest installer listed on the Approved Installers page. Or ask your favorite Glazier/Handyman to contact us, we will gladly assist.  If you are interested to become an installer, please contact us, due to popularity, we are constantly in need of new installers – please see our Reach & Teach program page. Be on the lookout for new additions as we are continually developing newness.

In essence, why Nu-Glaze?  Beauty, safety & security, ultra long life, sealing and no-maintenance.

Nu-Glaze will restore any old, tired windows to it’s former beauty and glory. It saves you from the costs and mess of removing existing working frames. The solution for heritage windows as well as new build, from low budget to high price end projects.

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